29 Palms Critter Sitter 

The Kennel Alternative Since 2008

I'm a licensed pet sitter that is conveniently located in the city limits of 29 Palms on a little over a acre of land. I pet sit out of my home or yours.

My Critter Sitting service provides a healthy, stress-free environment for your Pals. I offer Overnight Slumber Parties. They get to stay in the comfort of my home and do what they normally do.  I spoil your critters with toys, bones, treats, play in the water, etc.  Your critter becomes part of my household while your away. All the photos throughout this website were taken by me.  It is what makes me different and unique from the rest because I have a love for photography.

  Overnight Slumber party prices are $10 for one dog, $15 for 2 and $20 for 3 dogs a day. If you only need me to watch your dog for a couple of hours while you run a errand I can do that also. For small animals, birds, cats I charge $5.00 a day. For cats I only watch one cat household at a time. I have litter and a litter box. I just need food from home.

I have refused to raise my prices since 2008! Why pay more somewhere else when you get more for less by using my services. I don't do this to get rich. I do it just enough to keep a roof over my head and to give dogs a better place to stay than in a kennel. Plus boarding your dog shouldn't cost as much as a trip to go somewhere! I like knowing I give someone a safe place for their critter to stay and they still have extra cash left over for souvenirs.

Space is limited!

I can't stress enough that, if you know the dates that you'll need me let me know as soon as you know.

I have never had a dog fight and I've never had a noise complaint so I must be doing something right.  I have had on several occasions other pet sitters drop dogs off at my house because they couldn't handle a dog. I've even had other pet sitters drop dogs off at my house because they were attacked by a dog. Most think that watching dogs is guaranteed easy money and then they find out it's not so easy the hard way.  I'm 45 years old and I've been doing this a long time, I'm good at it! I've never encountered a situation that I couldn't handle.

My house is in a very convenient location so if you live in 29 Palms and prefer to leave your dogs at home I can check on them for only $10 per visit.  If you have outdoor animals such as horses, chickens, goats etc I charge as low as $10 per visit to feed & water.  Even if you just need a extra pair of eyes to pop in and double check that everyone is ok I can do that also. I only provide this service to people that live in or on the outskirts of 29 Palms.

Thanks for visiting!