29 Palms Critter Sitter 

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At Critter Sitters Doggie Daycare Camp, your dog will exercise and socialize with others all day. As a result, you'll have a happy, healthier dog. The activity level at Critter Sitters will also help eliminate boredom behavior at home, such as chewing and barking. My home is a good solution for separation anxiety. Young dogs with tons of energy love my house! Older dogs who need a little more attention and let out often appreciate me. I offer a full day of fun and play for your dog, so you can relax when you get home. I accommodate dogs of all sizes, with the dogs being separated in play areas by size & temperament if need be. I do not cage my campers as a result my house is a no bark society as well. My campers know who the pack leaders is, therefore they are not stressed and can have a good time without feeling the need to carry on. Daycare camp consists of exercise and socialization. Now you can run to Palm Springs, Doctor Appointments, or Wal-Mart, ect and you  don't have to worry about your Dog being locked up or home alone all day. Often we feel guilty for leaving them home while we go to work. A day at Doggie Daycare can wipe out the quilt and give you peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting to play with his or her friends all day, your dog will be just as tired and ready to cuddle up with you for the rest of the night. After all, ask any dog and they will tell you that staying awake and playing for 8 hours is hard work! 

If you know your going somewhere let me know ahead of time so I can book you for the day needed. Doggie Daycare Camp is designed for dogs that are friendly with people and other dogs. To stay current in our system, I ask to keep all dogs familiar with the "pack". All campers should try to attend, at least, 1 day of daycare per month. I believe its beneficial for the dogs so they can have even more fun and so my house isn't some strange place for them to stay if they come for a overnight slumber party. All dogs must be non-aggressive in order to participate in daycare. Please remember that your dog will be spending time with other dogs. The safety and health of the pack is my main concern. (As of 6/2020 I have never had a dog fight so I must be doing something right)

I operate on the "submit to the pack" philosophy where the 2 legged people are the pack leaders.

There is no barking, fighting or carrying on as our pack is happy!

If you are unsure if Daycare Camp will work for your dog the only way to find out is to try. He or she will only play with my Dog 1st until I feel its safe for he or she to play with others. If your dog does not get along with others but you don't want to leave he or she home alone all day we can accommodate your dogs needs also.

 I hope to see you soon!

I offer a multiple dog discount to Mon-Fri regular daycare clients

My rates for Doggie Daycare:  1 dog is only $10.00 a day
Drop off hours start at 6am and pick up must be by 7pm