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Help me keep my prices low!
 I'm always buying/replacing toys, balls, pools, treats, deer antlers, buffalo horns etc. I'm always improving my house and yard for the animals. I'm always adding fence and buying shade cloths. My water bill is always high from filling water buckets, pools or just letting the dogs chase after the hose. My electric bill is always high because I keep the house cooler than I would if it was just me.  I've only been in this house since June of 2017 and there's a lot I want to do so it's the best place for animals to stay. I eventually want to build a wash station in the garage. Even if it's only $5.00 every little bit adds up and helps  so anything you can donate is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Things I can always use...
litter boxes
dog treats
balls of all sizes
cat trees
laundry detergent
buffalo horns
deer antlers
large pooper scoopers (with a spade not a rake)
any used toys your dog no longer likes
Great smelling candles are always nice because lets face it some breeds stink lol

Please no rawhide bones
Please no rope toys
Please no dog beds because I cant wash them like I can blankets so they gross me out