29 Palms Critter Sitter 

The Kennel Alternative Since 2008

These policies may sound scary. They are needed in the world we live in today. It is important for you to inform me of anything you think I should know before watching your dog so I can prevent incidents from happening.  I can tell you that I have never lost a dog or cat , I have never had a injury and I have never had a dog fight happen at my house in all the years I've been doing this (knock on wood) As of 4/2018. I just have to protect myself just in case some freak incident happens.
Please be advised that all dogs MUST be leashed when on the premises. This is important because others clients will be coming and going with their dogs, for safety purposes please remember to bring your dog on a leash. If you arrive at my house without a leash please leave your dog in your vehicle while you borrow a leash from me. All dogs on the premises must be leashed at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS. It is important that the leash be attached to a properly fitted collar. A collar must fit snug around the dog's neck. You should be able to place only two fingers between your dog's neck and collar. The collar must not be so loose that it pulls over your dogs head. It is also important that the collar contain your dogs tags. Under no circumstances shall your dogs tags be attached to a training collar (i.e., a choke chain or a pinch collar) while being boarded. It is your responsibility to present your dog to me with his/her tags securely attached  to the collar. California state law requires that your dog be licensed (For 29 Palms please contact Palms N Paws at 760-367-0157 for dog licensed info) and that his/her current tags be securely attached to the collar, which.."shall at all times be kept on the dog for which the license is issued, except when such dog is engaged in lawful hunting accompanied by its owner or custodian".
Clients who board dogs with me that are destructive will be held liable for all damage caused to my home and any injury that the dog may inflict upon itself while engaging in destructive behaviors. This policy is applied to any and all destructive dogs regardless of the reason for destruction. That is, whether the dog has separation anxiety, fear of thunderstorms, or any phobia or generalized escape behavior. Although I will allow dogs with these problems to be boarded at my home, clients must agree to this policy and BOARD AT THEIR OWN RISK! On my enrollment form please be sure to give me a heads up if you know your dog has a destructive personality so I know to keep a closer eye on he/she.
Clients who board dogs that jump or climb 6' fences must inform me at the time the reservation is made, and again when the dog is dropped off, as special arrangements must be made to house these dogs. I will not be held liable should the dog escape when clients fail to provide us with this information during reservations AND when the dog is dropped off. If you think your dog might jump a 6ft foot fence, you are leaving him/her at your own risk. As of 2/2018 I have never had a dog escape. My fencing is a fence within a fence as seen in my house photos.
While I do allow you to bring toys and bedding for your dog, I suggest that you don't bring any toys since I do provide toys. Make sure anything you do bring is clearly labeled with your dog's name. I ask that dog food is put in a plastic container with your dogs name on it. I do not need bowls from home. They will most likely get mixed up with mine. In addition, many clients prefer to leave their leashes with me when they drop off. This is usually not a problem as the leash is clipped and hung on the run gate that  is occupied by the clients dog.  Sometimes on rare occasions a leash will get chewed up. Therefore, clients who leave their leashes do so at the own risk. I will not be held responsible for any item that you leave at my house should they become damaged or lost.
A fence Fighter is a dog that lunges, jumps and barks at the dogs playing in a adjacent yard. Fence fighters also grab the fencing with their teeth and stick their noses through the chain links. Sometimes this behavior is playful and sometimes it is aggressive. When I encounter fence fighters I do the best that I can to control this behavior. For example, I may limit the dogs freedom or move the dog to another yard. It is generally not possible to completely eliminate the behavior; therefore, should a fence fighter break a tooth, scratch its nose, or in any way injure itself, 29 Palms Critter Sitters will not be held liable. Furthermore, clients who board dogs with me that are fence fighters will be held liable for all damage caused to my home and any injury that the dog may inflict upon itself while engaging in this behavior. I can say since 2008 I have only watched a handful of fence fighters as of 2/2018.
Any dog that is not called for within five (5) days of the scheduled pickup time, and the owner does not notify me of extended boarding, it shall be deemed abandoned. I shall dispose of the dog that is abandoned publicly, privately, or otherwise. My home shall have, and is hereby granted, a lien on the dog for any and all unpaid charges and the owner shall remain liable for complete boarding fees as well as other charges incurred in the case, maintenance, and disposal of said dog. My home may exercise its lien rights upon the 1st day of abandonment. The owner specifically waives all statutory or legal rights to the contrary. 
I require service to be paid for upon arrival. Why? Well because when I don't require payment up front I seem to get shorted. It may only be $5.00 or $10.00 here or there but every time someone does it to me its another $5.00 or $10.00 that I'm not being paid. Also it insures me that I get paid and you don't spend the money owed to me on your vacation. Since my prices are so low as it is I want to make sure I'm being paid for my time I put into your Critter.
My home has limited space and is frequently at 100% occupancy. Due to loss of revenue as a result of no call/no shows, untimely cancellations and schedule changes I have implemented the following cancellation policy... at least half of the total due is required at booking to hold a spot so I know you're committed. It's non refundable due to the fact I probably turned someone away to hold the spot for you. It's not money lost unless you cancel! The remaining balance if any is due at drop off. I'm sorry that it has become necessary to implement such a strict cancellation policy; however, I cannot continue to incur the tremendous loss of revenue. Please check your email because I will be sending you a invoice.
It's my only day with no alarm and no human visitors. Please understand that while I do appreciate your business, I also deserve a day to myself, so please don't ask me to make exceptions on Saturdays. If you need me on a Saturday you will need to drop off on Friday and pick up on Sunday, sorry! On Saturdays I will still be home but I just won't be having any human visitors. I don't respond to any work related texts, requests, or facebook etc on Saturday's.
Drop offs are only allowed between the hours of 6:00am to 11:00am. I don't do night drop off's for dogs because they don't settle down before bed.  You have until 7pm to pick up, at 7:01pm I'm closed. All drop offs and pick ups are by APPOINTMENT ONLY! Before coming to my house please text me to let me know you're about to head my way. I will let you know if its clear to come. One of the most annoying things is when I'm taking a shower and someone texts me from outside saying I'm here. Or if I run to the hardware store real quick and I get a text saying they're outside my house.
My regular business hours are from 6:00 am to 7pm. Special arrangements can be made for before and after hour drop offs or pick ups. A $40.00 fee will be charged for ANY drop off or pick up that occurs during non-business hours AND and such service must be prearranged. No after hours service will be provided on Holidays. Please understand that while I do appreciate your business, I also have a life, so please don't ask me to make over the top exceptions. Plus I like to be respectful to my neighbors.
All dogs must have a current history of vaccinations that include: (Also known as DHPP or DAPP Vaccine)
Distemper: Vaccination given withing the last one (1) year,
Parvo-Virus: Vaccination given within the last one (1) year,
Rabies: Vaccination given within the last one (1) year on dogs under one (1) year of age and within the last three (3) years for dogs over one (1) year of age.
Proof of Vaccinations must be provide prior to your dogs initial stay. I must obtain a copy that I can keep on file so please bring me a copy. My records must be updated annually.
Boarding charges are calculated similar to human hotels; clients are charged for a full day the day/night they drop their Critter off, regardless of the drop off time. Clients who pick up their Critter the next day before 10:00 am will not be charged for that day. Clients that pick up after 10:00 am are charged for the full day.


If your dog is use to using a pee pad in the house I will not watch your dog. I'm sorry but not only do I find it gross...I don't need my other visitors thinking it's ok to pee inside because your dog did.

15: I don't discriminate against any breed. If your dog doesn't get along with other dogs I'm set up to handle dogs that need their own yard during outdoor time. I've watched a lot of dogs that don't like other dogs without incident. I've watched a lot dogs that don't like any other humans besides their owners without incident also.

The one thing you should know about me is...I’m brutally honest! With that being said...

16: Coddling- If you’re wanting me to take care of your animals while you go on vacation please understand I coddle animals, not humans! I’m not a counselor so if you can’t handle being away from your animals I’m not the pet sitter for you! It's basically like pick your poison...do you want someone that you know is taking care of your animals and has done this decades without incident? If so, I’m your girl! Or do you want someone to coddle you? If so, I’m not the pet sitter for you because I can’t and won’t do it. Right now you're probably thinking OMG how rude, right? Well you have not had to endure the crazies that I have so you can't possibly understand where I'm coming from. I will not coddle people because in my many years of experience doing this I’ve learned that even when you coddle someone... good is never good enough to the people that need coddling! Instead they just demand more and more because nothing will ever be good enough! For example...if someone has 2 dogs I can post a picture of their dogs but in separate pictures playing and they want one with them in the same picture. 1st I don't force my pictures and just so everyone knows...Most roommates don't play with each other here because they have new friends to play with. Another example... people drop off and demand pictures or updates shortly after pulling out of my driveway. In my head, I'm like damn I don't even know your dog yet.  The one that really gets me though is the people that text after 9pm or very early morning hours like 2am asking for updates and then again at 6am asking the same question like I'll give a different answer. I'm old, so I grew up being told it's rude to call anyone after 9pm or before 9am. I now put my phone on dnd during my closed hours from 7pm - 6am and Saturdays I'm closed. I could give you so many examples but the point I'm trying to make is I don’t charge enough to deal with people like that. I do this to give animals a better place to stay than in a kennel somewhere or left home alone. I post pictures/videos when I have time to do it or when I catch someone doing something that is picture or video worthy in a natural way.

 If something were to happen or if I'm having issues I will let you know but it doesn't happen. I've never called a owner while on vacation and said make other arrangement's. Some people think their dog can't be without them but the truth is some people can't be without their dog. It's those dogs I feel sorry for because they come here and have a blast but never come again or don't come often because the owners can't be without them.
As much as most people would like to think their dog can't be without them, its just not true. Maybe in a kennel somewhere but I'm not a kennel. I'm just a pet sitter that brings animals into my home as their second home so they don't stress out like at a kennel. Only 1 time in decades have I had a dog that couldn't be without his owner. I told his owner that if she ever goes away for a long period of time again she needs to find someone to stay at her house with him. That's what she did and I only saw him for daycare.
Please remember it is extremely important to socialize your dog to a boarding atmosphere at a young age. My experience has shown me that dogs that frequently visit my home from puppy hood ABSOLUTELY LOVE coming here. It's like their home away from home and the literally run to our door at drop off. Many older dogs that have never before been boarded have a harder time adjusting to a boarding like atmosphere. I suggest that individuals who have older dogs that have not been socialized to a boarding like atmosphere begin with a short stay (a day or two) or even (daycare) to let them get use to the new environment. I also suggest that individuals who have geriatric dogs (10 years or older) that have never been boarded before consider using an in home pet sitting service, if one is not available to you I will do my best to make he or she happy. The old dogs seem to love a blanket from home.
My policies, procedures, services may change from time to time. While I will attempt to notify you of these changes, it is ultimately your responsibility to check back on my website regularly so that you are aware of my most current policies, procedures, services, and rates. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at my sole discretion.