29 Palms Critter Sitter 

The Kennel Alternative Since 2008

After your Critter is here a couple of days and gets settled in, on ONE (1) of the days during your Critters stay I will take pictures. That way you can see your critter is fine and having fun so you can have fun and enjoy your trip. I promise you that your critter will be on vacation while you are. Please do not ask me for pictures the same day as being dropped off because I won't do it. The 1st time dogs come to my house they're too busy taking in all the smells, sounds and new surroundings. The turtle pond area and my Macaw are always the most interesting to new dogs. Male dogs that are not fixed only care about smelling and peeing on everything until the newness is over. Unless your dog is a social butterfly and loves everything he or she will not be photo material until the newness of my house is gone. I will take pictures after your critter has had time to settle at some point during their stay. On rare occasions some dogs take more than one time to become comfortable with my house. That's why it's so important to socialize your dog from the time they're puppies.