29 Palms Critter Sitter 

The Kennel Alternative Since 2008

Please fill out my request form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours. I do all requests through email so I can print out a copy for my records.
I will get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes requests don't get forwarded to me. If you don't hear from me within 48hrs or if its an emergency please send a email to [email protected] Thanks!
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If you've never filled out my enrollment form please do so now. I will not watch your Critter without it filled out. Shot records can be emailed to [email protected] or you can show them to me at drop off.  I will send you an invoice that is due on or before drop off. My invoice allows you to pay by debit, credit or through paypal.  No services will be provided without payment. I don't need bowls, leashes or kennels. I just ask that you bring food from home so your dog doesn't get a upset stomach, Thanks!

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Below is to give you a Idea of how much I charge.
1 Dog
 2 Dogs
 3 Dogs
1 Day $10.00
 1 Day $15.00
 1 Day $20.00
 2 Days $20.00
 2 Days $30.00
 2 Days $40.00
 3 Days $30.00
(A weekend getaway)
 3 Days $45.00
(A weekend getaway)
 3 Days $60.00
(A weekend getaway)
 4 Days $40.00
 4 Days $60.00
 4  Days $80.00
5 Days $50.00
  5 Days $75.00
  5 Days $100
  6 Days $60.00
 6 Days $90.00
  6 Days $120
  7 Days $70.00
  7 Days $105
 7 Days $140

Holidays need to be reserved well in advance and require a non-refundable security deposit of at least half of the total due at booking. It's not money lost unless you cancel!

For all my new clients and to remind my regulars. Any stay over 4 days during the months of November and December require a deposit of at least half to hold a spot. A Deposit must be made by October 20th. Please remember deposits are non refundable due to the fact I probably turned someone away to hold the spot for you. The remaining balance if any is due at drop off. I do deposits so I know who is coming ahead of time and so I'm able to tell people I'm booked so they have time to find other arrangements. I have learned it is also less stressful when clients pay ahead of time so they are not using their holiday money.


When I 1st started doing this back in 2008 I let every single person into my home. Over the years we had things come up missing so I stopped letting people use my bathroom. The last straw was about 6 years ago when a Marine and his wife were dropping off their dog so they could head to Vegas for the Ball. While I was standing their talking to his wife I watched him pick up a very expensive watch and hide it in his hand while he played with his dog. He knew it was wrong so he sat it back down. At that time I whispered to my daughter that was living with me at the time to watch him because he's wanting to take the watch and bammm he picked it back up. My daughters jaw about hit the ground. I told her to zip it and we continued to talk to his wife. I wanted to see if he really had the nerve to take something of mine while he was dropping his dog off. I knew he had to come back for his dog. I let him drive away and then I texted him saying "You can wear the watch for your ball but bring it back when you pick up your dog"!  He didn't reply so I texted his wife "tell your husband he can wear our watch to the ball but to bring it back when you come for your dog".  I instantly got a message back from her and let's just say she was so embarrassed. I felt bad for her but I gave him the chance to respond to me 1st. Her husband excuse was "he didn't know it belonged to someone" yet they were at my house. Since then I MEET EVERYONE OUTSIDE and have everyone look at my pictures to see the inside of my house and my yards. I live in a very clean, alcohol, smoke & drug free home. The world has changed and not for the better. When someone has the nerve to take things from someone that's doing them a favor by watching their animal its just not worth it to me to allow strangers into my home.